Customize with Cerakote

All Cerakote prices reflect a single color. We do offer special pricing for dealers or large quantities. If you are interested in pricing information on these projects, please call 703-420-2164 between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm EST.

Shotgun Cerakote

  • Pump and Semi-Auto: Assembly / Disassembly$75.00
  • Pump and Semi-Auto: Stock & Forearm$125.00
  • Pump and Semi-Auto: Receiver Only$100.00
  • Pump and Semi-Auto: Barrel Only$100.00
  • Pump and Semi-Auto: Complete Firearm$275.00
  • O/U and SxS: Assembly / Disassembly$125.00
  • O/U and SxS: Stock & Forearm$125.00
  • O/U and SxS: Receiver Only$100.00
  • O/U and SxS: Barrel Only$125.00
  • O/U and SxS: Complete Firearm$325.00

Hunting Rifle Cerakote

  • Assembly / Disassembly$75.00
  • Barreled Action Only$150.00
  • Stock$125.00
  • Complete Firearm$275.00

Pistol Cerakote

  • Semi-Auto Pistol: Assembly / Disassembly$75.00
  • Semi-Auto Pistol: Frame$100.00
  • Semi-Auto Pistol: Slide / Barrel$100.00
  • Semi-Auto Pistol: Complete Firearm$225.00
  • Revolver: Assembly / Disassembly$125.00
  • Revolver: Complete Firearm$250.00

AR / AK / Black Gun Cerakote

  • AR / AK Rifle: Assembly / Disassembly$75.00
  • AR / AK Rifle: Stock & Forearm$125.00
  • AR / AK Rifle: Upper$100.00
  • AR / AK Rifle: Lower$100.00
  • AR / AK Rifle: Complete Firearm$275.00
  • Large Frame Rifles (.50 BMG, .416 Barret, etc…): Complete Firearm$550.00

Miscellaneous Cerakote Pricing

  • Flash Holder / Muzzle Break$25.00 and Up
  • Suppressors$75.00 and Up
  • Rifle Scope$150.00
  • Magazines (AR & Pistol)$25.00 each
  • Magazines (All Other)$25.00 and Up
  • Additional Color$25.00 – $50.00
  • Camouflage (Freehand)$100.00 and Up (Patterns quoted on request)
  • Add Gun Candy$25.00


Cleaning charges may apply if the product is excessively dirty.

Extra charges may apply if the product has rust or pitting.

If the customer elects to assemble or disassemble the firearm themselves, C&R Firearms is not responsible for the functioning of their firearm.

C&R Firearms will not Cerakote the internal moving parts of your firearm.  The firearm was designed with specific tolerances for fit and function and may not operate properly if Cerakote is applied.


  • 5 – 10 Units20% off
  • 11 – 25 Units25% off
  • 26+ Units30% off


*Days do not include weekends nor Holidays.

  • The average wait time is 2 – 4 weeks depending on the workload; therefore, we have implemented the following rush options for our customers’ convenience.
  • 2 Day TurnaroundAdd 100%
  • 3-6 Day TurnaroundAdd 50%
  • 7-10 Day TurnaroundAdd 25%

Custom Cerakote finishes with multi colors and patterns are quoted on request.

Call with details for pricing on all miscellaneous Cerakote projects.