From installation to customization, we get the job done right.

With C&R Firearms on the project, you can be confident that the work will not only be on-time but exceeding your expectations. You will never find a cleaner shop and that reflects in our practice. C&R Firearms accepts nothing less than excellence in our workmanship.

Standard Services

  • Gunsmithing Hourly$125.00 (min. $75)
  • Additional Fees (Shop Hazmat Fee, lubricant, cleaner, etc…)$3.95
  • NFA Engraving$65.00


  • Sight Install (Free if purchased from C&R Firearms)$50.00 (Subject to change if extra fitting needed)
  • Rebluing $325.00
  • Parkerizing-Pistol$165.00
  • Parkerizing-Rifle$250.00
  • Barrel Threading$125.00 (Add $35.00 for Pinning)
  • Barrel Cut and re-crown$75.00
  • Barrel Pinning$75.00

Custom Work

  • Custom work and machining hourly$125.00
  • Checkering a rifle or shotgun$250.00 +
  • Fitting rifle action to new stock$250.00 – 375.00
  • Refinish Stock$375.00
  • Recoil pad custom fitted to stock$125.00 – 150.00
  • Drill and tap new scope mounting$125.00
  • History check / Verification documentation$150.00 
  • Insurance quotes$150.00
  • Insurance repair hourly$150.00

Handgun Services

  • Detail Cleaningstarting at $75.00
  • Trigger Jobstarting at $150.00
  • Glock Trigger Install$75.00
  • Sight In$75.00 (Plus Ammo)
  • Barrel fit on semi auto$187.50
  • Barrel replace on revolver$375.00
  • Checkering front strap$400.00-$600.00 (Depending on lines/inch)
  • Stipple front strap$250.00
  • Chamfer cylinder$125.00
  • Satin Finish SS guns$250.00
  • Re-polish SS guns$375.00
  • Re-crown barrel$75.00
  • Bob hammer$125.00
  • Fit new hammer/trigger$187.50
  • Cocking serrations – Colt style$250.00
  • Cocking serrations – Glock style$125.00
  • Machine and mount RMRStarting at $125.00 (plus refinishing)
  • Dovetail front or rear$75.00
  • Dovetail for Novak/Bomar$125.00

1911 Specific Services

  • Trigger job$187.50
  • Bobtail Main spring$187.50
  • Tighten slide to frame$250.00
  • Hand checker front strap$400.00-600.00 (Depending on lines/inch)
  • Stippling slide top$375.00
  • Stipple front strap$187.50
  • Dovetail front or rear$75.00
  • Dovetail front and rear$125.00
  • Install ambi safety$75.00
  • Replace ejector$75.00
  • Replace extractor$75.00
  • Fit new barrel bushing$187.50
  • Fit Beavertail safety$187.50
  • Fit hammer$125.00
  • Fit trigger$125.00
  • Lower ejection port$125.00 (plus refinishing)
  • Cut front serrations$187.50
  • Fit magazine well flare$250.00 (Includes smoothing and contouring)

AR 15 Services

  • Pin low profile gas block$75.00
  • Pin A2 front sight tower$125.00
  • Trigger group install and fit$75.00
  • Optic mount and sight$75.00
  • Sight in iron sights$75.00
  • Pin and weld flash suppressor$75.00
  • Dimple barrel$375.00
  • Reduce barrel to lighten$250.00
  • Build complete upper$75.00 (Not including parts)
  • Build complete lower$75.00 (Not including parts)
  • Build complete rifle$125.00 (Not including parts)
  • Remove and re-pin muzzle$187.50

AK Style Services

  • Build AK style kit$750.00 (922R compliant price not including parts)
  • Cut/crown/thread M14x1 LH$187.50
  • Pin front sight tower$125.00
  • Pin gas block$125.00
  • Fit and install furniture$125.00
  • Remove side scope mount$187.50
  • Saiga 7.63×39 Conversion$750.00 (Not including parts)
  • Replace barrel$375.00
  • Sight in iron sights$75.00
  • Install single point sling mount$75.00

Shotgun work

  • Install combat sights$250.00 (If brazed on front)
  • Fit new stock to shotgun$250.00+
  • Install bead sight$75.00 (Per bead, not including bead)
  • Cut / Crown / Re-blue barrel$125.00
  • Install muzzle device$125.00
  • Polish trigger internals$125.00
  • Replace furniture$125.00
  • Fit barrel heat shield$75.00
  • Mount side saddle$75.00
  • Re-blue complete gun$375.00
  • Re-blue barrel$187.50
  • Fit and install new recoil pad$125.00

Prices listed are ala carte. Please ask about package pricing.

For any other services please call 703-420-2164