Shipping to us

Instructions for shipping in your firearm:



  1. Make certain that you print out the Order Form at the bottom of this page, fill it out, and include it with your firearm.
  2. Examine your firearm to ensure that it is completely unloaded and properly packaged.
  3. When shipping your firearm you can use the company of your choice and are free to insure the product at any amount you’d like or add signature required on it. Handguns must be shipped overnight, or 2 day guaranteed by UPS or FedEx (not USPS).  Make sure you keep a record of the tracking information.
  4. When we receive your firearm we will review the package immediately and call you to let you know all items that we’ve received. We are not responsible for items broken, or lost during transit.
  5. DO NOT ship any ammo with your gun.
  6. Be sure to include a copy of your State Identification and please also include a copy of your FFL/CHL/LTC if you have one.
  7. Review our Store Policies for more information.


In addition to following the above process, please make sure that you’re following ALL federal and local firearm laws during this process. We are a licensed FFL holder so you are able to ship your firearms directly to us. Please make certain that when shipping a firearm you are using either UPS or FedEx. USPS will not allow you to ship a pistol if you are not licensed.


Download and fill out the following order form and ensure it is included in your shipment.  If you are requesting NFA Engraving, please include the additional form.